Welcome to Forest North America, a unique organization that has been guiding and supporting not-for-profits across the United States in their fundraising endeavors for over thirty years. These decades of reliability have earned us our position as the vendor of choice with one of North America’s Top 5 most trusted brands. Now we’re taking our best in class model to organizations that rely on maximizing donor revenue – guaranteeing them a seamless solution while protecting their brand values.

Building on
35 Years Of Success.
35 Years Of Quality Services.
35 Years Of Happy Customers.

Who We Are

For over 35 years, Forest has helped public media and not-for-profit organizations fulfill their mission and service goals. Forest’s clients use our services to grow their net revenue and enjoy greater freedom to focus on their core service mission and drive donor base growth.

Forest’s strengths in sourcing media and branded merchandise, warehousing, direct-to-donor custom fulfillment and customer support allow us to deliver our clients an unduplicated value proposition. Through innovation, focus, crisp execution and scale, Forest is focused on helping our clients achieve sustainable revenue growth through the use of high quality products and seamless services.

  • A Brief History of Forest North America

    Forest traces it’s roots back to the beginnings of public media fundraising. Stations found that incentives, or thank you gifts, were a good method to get their phones ringing. At the time, however, each station had to research individual premium options and then purchase those items, often at full retail price. Forest provided relationships with numerous vendors to get special-market pricing. This enabled stations to support their core mission and raise as much money as possible.

    In the early days, most premiums were station-branded items that included t-shirts and caps. Among the most popular were mugs, tote bags, bumper stickers, and seed packets with station-imprinted messages. When children’s TV programs were being pledged, Forest licensed Sesame Street backpacks, T-shirts, and post-cals (postcard/decals) for station premium use. As funding demands increased, stations began to look beyond custom coffee mugs and totes with an eye toward adding program-related thank you items to the mix. Forest worked hard, directly with book publishers, and music and video companies, to add a wide range of products, many developed collaboratively with stations and program producers. Forest was also able to negotiate wholesale pricing for public broadcasters with hundreds of suppliers, including Random House, Warner Brothers and the BBC.

    Forest also supports the efforts of not-for-profit organizations across the United States and Canada using expertise gained over three decades serving public media.

    In this age of near instant gratification, donors expect to get their premiums almost immediately. Now we fulfill premiums directly to donors, thereby saving stations time and effort while reducing processing time and shipping delays. Physical storage, ordering, and shipping are combined into a simplified process, with the additional benefit of saving on freight charges. Forest has invested heavily in computer software and logistics systems, allowing us to receive and process orders in order to ship in-stock items to donors the very same day.

What We Do

Forest provides an integrated solution for not-for-profits that understand how branded, durable high quality products can strengthen brand loyalty and build value for the donor. We are at the forefront of product sourcing, custom production and technological innovation with not-for-profit donor systems. We identify your needs, mutually deciding how a suite of branded merchandise, premium gifts or special offers can suit your donor programs.

We then source or custom produce, in quantities that we know will work. We don’t hold unnecessary inventory.

We store and ship to your donors from our 50,000 square foot Pennsylvania warehouse.

Our rigorous data security and attention to customer brand management have allowed us to balance the needs of PBS and over 500 independent, autonomous local, public radio and television stations.

Products We Source
Non-Profit Support

How We Can Help

We can help you create a donor store or ecommerce site that is customized to
your needs.

Our donor stores and ecommerce solutions integrate with your existing digital presence and allow you to conduct secure, brand-integrated transactions. Let’s talk about how we can support and extend your in-house team’s capacity – or how we can provide this capability.

We also know SUSTAINERS
 – Sustaining donors, individuals who make those automated, ongoing monthly gifts are foundational to public media and could be a game changer when it comes to your organization.

Forest and your development team can supercharge your sustainer program. The bottom line is, improved net revenue and a stronger relationship with the lifeblood of your organization – your donors.

Non-Profit Support

Non-Profit Support

Our Staff

Forest’s staff are source experts on a wide range of mission critical needs and we have more years of accumulated experience in these areas than any other company in North America

Our strength in sourcing media and branded merchandise, combined with warehousing and direct-to- donor custom fulfillment and quality customer support, allow us to deliver a unique value proposition.

We enable our clients to increase their net revenue enabling them to focus on their core service mission and drive growth of their donor base. Through innovation, focus, crisp execution and scale, Forest strives to build sustainable double-digit revenue growth while delivering improved products and services.

Happy Customers

“Fulfillment had become a huge hassle. We finally got the go-ahead last year and moved the bulk of fulfillment through Forest and it has been a huge help. Why I love Forest… the back-end Systems are amazing. We can see the inventory numbers and upload the mailing list. I love the personalized customer service. I also love how our donors receive tracking emails and the product arrives with our label on it.  Everything looks excellent and it got us out of the messy world of pledge gift fulfillment.”

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